AgentIdea Tecnologies Inc.

Grant Steinfeld and Oren Kredo, started this company in 2000 and it has has many iterations and engagements, currently it services the main Architecture and Software Engineering resources at one of the top Decision Analysis companies in San Jose, CA at SmartOrg Inc.

Here we feature in the Crains Japanese Issue: Career History Front cover in 2005

Grant Steinfeld and Oren Kredo, started AgentIdea a technology company responsiblel for creating AgentTrader for Jefferies an Order Routing Management System handing millions of trading volume daily. The system was written mostly in Java and used TibcoRV for the message bus. AgentTrader is currently still extended to add more exchanges and broker/dealers, maintained and optimized as the core production ORMS at Jefferies.

The article in Japanese

Startup room at Lawrence Helfant's original floor broker dealer offices right to left, Oren Kredo and Grant Steinfeld explaining the system to Yuri Osugi the interviewer. Bradley in the backgroud working on Sales.

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